racing for angels

Posted on April 13th 2016

As you all know racing is a very exciting yet dangerous sport. All racing that requires a helmet has a risk of some kind. From asphalt racing, dirt track, drag racing, motocross, go-cart racing and the list goes on. We here at Racing for Angels have had a blessing of protection blessed over each and every one of these angels. They have carefully been sand down by hand, a clear coat applied to them, and are made in the USA out of quality wood to assure durability.

You are to give her to a racer for a blessing of protection. They make great gifts for your favorite racer or a family member that races. The racer can either carry her or hang her up. She is a symbol to let the racer know how much you care about their safety.

Every Angel that is purchased a percentage of the proceeds go to St. Jude's Hospital, which means they are truly racing for angels!

These angels are made out of wood for reason. Racing takes a lot of skill, but also takes a little luck. Have them knock on her 3 times before a race to bring home a win!!!!

God Bless our Racers!


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